Parts Cleaner

Description We provide standard design and customized parts cleaner, tube cleaner. 水平式石英清洗機台 水平式石英清洗機台 水平式石英清洗機台 水平式石英清洗機台 垂直式石英清洗機台 垂直式石英清洗機台 Contact

Aera MFC

Description We act agents of Hitachi Metals for a series of AERA MFC(Mass Flow controller) products in Taiwan. We also established Aera MFC after-sales service center. We provide repair and filed service in Taiwan. Spec Analog Series (FC-R7700/R7800 series) Digital Series (FC-DR980series, Transformer, HG-200, HC-100) PI Series (PI 980 series) High Temperature MFC Contact